Pure Grey was engaged to transform Westin Bayshore Vancouver’s new patio area in to year-round revenue center with a unique and appealing seasonal concept.

Inspired by successful winter activations in tier 1 markets, Pure Grey modeled its igloo builds, culinary and beverage development, and promotional strategy on competitive sets in New York and London.



Concept Development, Culinary Development, Beverage Development, Uniform Direction, Outdoor Staging, OS&E Direction, Pre-Opening Training


The Details

Concept Direction Reference

Concept Direction Reference

Alpine-inspired menu built for staying warm and snuggling close.

We drew on everything hygge — cozy blankets, heartwarming fondue, sharable Swedish meatballs — against the backdrop of a faux fireplace. Staying warm never looked so cool. Add localized bluetooth speakers for a custom, at home-without-the-mess experience.


Slurp—share—try it again.

Large format cocktails, seasonal ingredients, and whimsical garnishes encourage guests to celebrate the holiday season all winter.